What is the difference between your product and the product of your competitors?

To be honest; most plantation shutters which are available in the UK are of a similar high quality although it is wise to be wary about low cost imports. The real key however is the attention to detail of the fitting. At Tunbridge Wells Shutters we have only fully trained fitters. We do not sub contract work. Some other companies who do not specialise in shutters, will sell the shutters first and then try to find someone who can fit them. When installing shutters, experience is everything. Always ask who will be installing your shutters before you buy them.

Do interior shutters improve security?

Interior plantation shutters, make it very difficult to see into your home from outside; and therefore reduce the likelihood that any expensive items will tempt a thief. It would be wrong however to claim that they would make it more difficult to force an entry into your home, although when the louvres are closed it does give an impression of a more solid barrier which might deter a would be burglar.

Will plantation shutters make my house dark?

Plantation shutters allow you to control the amount of light which comes into your room. There are many factors which will have a bearing, such as the size of louvers and the colour of the shutters, so it is possible; if you wish to give the room a darker "Autumn" feel by using dark stained woods and small louvres, or alternatively you can get a bright "Summer" feel to the room by using larger louvres and bright white shades. At Tunbridge Wells Shutters we believe that shutters can be used to set a "mood" in a room by getting the exact amount and quality of light which you want in your room.

How long is the lead-time for my order?

At Tunbridge Wells Shutters we normally quote around 9 weeks lead time from us receiving your deposit to the fitting date, and sometimes as little as 8 but we never want to promise something that we can't deliver This can be sped up by using an Express Service which reduces lead times to around 4 weeks.

Can Shutters be used as a form of blackout?

Shutters are not blackout due to tolerances required for slat movement and the opening and closing of panels. Due to the rebated side style and frame options our panels keep more light out when closed than most others on the market. We have fitted many bedrooms and nurseries and have never had cause for complaint. There is also an upgrade option to have a blackout blind fitted inside the shutters, please ask for details.

Do shutters improve privacy?

Very much so. Shutters are very popular in locations where houses have windows looking directly out onto the road. It is very easy to set the angle of the louvres so that light comes into the house but it is not possible to see inside. Sometimes people choose cafe style shutters and have the top of the shutters at head height; so that it is very easy to see out over the shutters, but from the height of the road outside it is impossible to see in.

How long will my shutters last?

Shutters have been installed in the UK for at least 20 years and there are still examples of the earliest shutters which are in place and working satisfactorily. The quality of materials and manufacturing processes have undergone extensive improvement over the years so there is no reason to expect that today's shutters will be an less reliable.

What are the Tunbridge Wells Shutters payment terms?

After an initial consultation a quote will be sent to you. When you accept our quotation we may come and perform an accurate survey of the windows to be fitted with shutters, at that point we will ask you for a deposit of no more than 50% of the total price. This is payable by transfer, cash, cheque, credit or debit card — the balance will be payable in full upon satisfactory completion of the fitting of the shutters .

What about surveys and installation?

At Tunbridge Wells Shutters we only sell shutters that we install. As such we perform the survey and take the responsibility for the measurements, and then we complete the installation. Basically we take all the risks away from you onto ourselves. We believe that this is the only way to ensure that shutters are fitted to your complete satisfaction.

Can I fit the shutters myself?

Unfortunately Tunbridge Wells Shutters do not supply shutters for DIY installation. Many of our competitors will supply only, but our experience IS that specialist fitters ensure a top quality installation, and if shutters are fitted as DIY there are very big risks that you will not be happy with your purchase.

How are Mdf shutters made?

Mdf shutters are made of Medium Density Fibre, and coated using a first-class; innovative manufacturing process and the world's most advanced (patented) coating technology developed in USA. This unique combination of materials make Mdf shutters durable and sturdy resistant to chipping, cracking, fading and warping. The main benefit of Mdf is that it is about 25% less expensive than solid wood while almost identical in appearance. The downside is that MDF is heavier than the solid wood shutters in our range so they have limited use in some situations.

What is Basswood?

Basswood is from the Pacific Hemlock tree and sold as a Hardwood shutter. Pacific Hemlock is an exceptional and renewable natural wood chosen for its stability, its uniform colouring and proven resistance to warping.

Are FSC woods available?

Yes, we can now offer White Teak from a managed plantation. Details upon request

Can I choose custom colours?

Tunbridge Wells Shutters can match some Farrow & Ball colours in various product ranges. These are available in addition to our standard colours at no extra cost. We can for an additional charge match any colour form a customer supplied swatch.

What is my warranty?

Tunbridge Wells Shutters warrant that our shutters will , as a result of normal use remain in perfect condition for 3 years from the date of installation. This includes colour fastness; materials and workmanship.

Tunbridge Wells Shutters are not liable for incidental or consequential damages; or for any expense arising from such damages Repair or replacement of similar shutters to defective products is the sole remedy under this warranty and in no event will Tunbridge Wells Shutters be liable for costs for the remedy of defects to a product that they have not originally fitted.

This warranty does not cover:- Fair wear and tear, accidents; unauthorised repairs, misuse, alterations; abuse or acts of God. All other warranties; both express and implied; are expressly disclaimed. This warranty excludes all liability for consequential or incidental damages for any cause whatsoever.