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Bedroom Window Shutters | Tunbridge Wells Shutters

Bedroom Window Shutters

Shutters will transform your bedroom; they instantly inject a touch of elegance into any room but not more than in the bedroom.  You can adjust your bedroom shutters to create intimacy in the evening for relaxation or flood the room with light during the day.  Bedroom shutters allow you to alter the amount of light you let into your room, depending on how you like to sleep.      

We would be happy to talk you through the shutter options for your bedroom.  Please get in touch and one of our experts will call you back.

Are bedroom window shutters black out?

Shutters block daylight and darken the room enough for restful sleep. We have fitted shutters in many bedrooms and children’s nurseries with great results, but if you prefer almost complete darkness (98% light block), we can install shutters with integral black out blinds as an optional extra. NB, these cannot be retro fitted.

Will bedroom shutters block out noise?

Bedroom shutters will add a layer of insulation which can assist in noise reduction.

Bedroom Window Shutters | Tunbridge Wells Shutters

Great team and excellent product

Great team and excellent product. Would happily recommend.

26 March 2022

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